In the past few years, A3T Technologies has been blazing a trail of successes not only in design but also in the manufacturing universe and is dedicated to conquer newer horizons in the Automotive Electrical and Electronics Universe. Our team are innovators who fashion new ways to add value to Manufacturing. Our Bee-Ant process realizes the system of OLD (Observe | Learn | Deliver) enabling every resource; Man or Machine to deliver excellence and optimum productivity.

Manufacturing excellence, highly-automated, real-time information-based processes are the key drivers at A3T Technologies. With the Government of India giving a special push to bring the manufacturing industry to the forefront to increase its contribution to the national economy, we at A3T Technologies are optimistically committed to our governments Make In India initiative and serve the nation through our endeavours in the Advanced Automotive Electronics segment. In the coming years, India is expected to be amongst the top 3 automotive markets in the world. We are thus aligning and enhancing our manufacturing capabilities with world class technology, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, as well as agile and flexible processes with integrated operations.

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Automotive Lighting, Connectivity and Product Development Platforms are the key areas of our operations at present. Our resource library comprises of some of the leading experts in the domain of EV, Telematics, Infotainment, LED technology, etc. We manufacture high quality products in the areas of Body Electronics, Safety, Telematics, Battery Sensing and Management, Navigation, LED Lighting, Dashboard Accessories. A3T has designed and developed over 45 automotive electronics and Optronics products in the last 2 years.

Our top grade test facilities are equipped to carry out Environmental, Mechanical, Electrical, EMI / EMC and Endurance tests, meeting ISO, JASO specification. We have the capability to carry out majority of product testing and validation in-house.

Top class manufacturing units:

Technology and innovation are our key thrust vectors that drive us to provide quality products in major automotive electronics and electrical segments of modern automobiles.

  • Our state-of-the-art SMT lines with sufficient capacity are equipped to meet the constantly increasing and ever evolving customer requirements and demands
  • Our latest technology enables end-to-end traceability of the products
  • Automated manufacturing processes
  • Multiple modern assembly lines compliant to ESD and environmental requirements
  • SMART Logistic and Packaging solutions with ESD compliance
  • Cloud-based servers for real time inter-connected operations
  • SAP based ERP solution for supply chain management for FIFO based material issuing, tracking and dispatching the parts
  • Environmentally controlled storage areas for moisture sensitive devices



To forge a brighter future for us and the automotive industry, we at A3T Technologies have been astutely endeavoring to solve the manufacturing cube with the following efforts:

  • Inculcating New Core Capabilities: To become immune to and out-pace the ever-evolving technology, we have been constantly upgrading our skills and capacity to inculcate new core capabilities - such as partnering, agile operations, an ability to sense and respond to constantly changing customer needs, collaboration across disparate teams and testing new business models.


  • Inclusion of Industry 4.0: We use the information intensive transformation of manufacturing in a connected environment of big data, people, processes, services, systems and IOT-enabled industrial assets with the generation, leverage and utilization of actionable data and information as a way and means to realize smart industry and eco-systems of industrial innovation and collaboration.


  • Safety Driven Technological Innovations: Technologies that enhance comfort and safety are most sought after. We utilize safety driving technological innovations such as strict QA standards, ensuring TPM implementation across all borders to achieve close tolerances for enhanced precision.


  • Assured Global Supply Chain: A3T Nebula Centre stand immune to tensions across global trade channels, manufacturing hubs and logistics networks.

We have an advanced manufacturing infrastructure that enables us to manufacture products at variable or flexible volumes.

Moreover our Advanced Electronics products with strict adherence to International Safety Compliances enhances your Driving Experience and makes it more comfortable and pleasurable by fulfilling all your Aspirations and Thrills.

Design. Development. Manufacturing.

Conquering New Horizons..