A3T Technologies:

A premier Design, Development, Manufacturing and a Technology Company in the Advanced Automotive Electronics domain.

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Since inception in 2019, A3T Technologies is renowned for their innovative spirit, deep technical know-how and the ability to provide safe, efficient, intelligent, customized solutions and products as well as state-of-the-art processes for the ever evolving requirements and challenges of our global clients.

At A3T Technologies our goal is to facilitate products, solutions, processes and services that meet stringent regulations and provide irrefutable value proposition to the ever evolving demands of the Advanced Electronics products, processes and services by the end-users in the automotive industry.

Innovation and Invention is our DNA and  is what drives us to achieve milestones in Advanced Automotive Electronics Design, Development, Processes and Manufacturing.

Closeup electronic circuit board background.


Design. Development. Manufacturing

Futuristic Artificial intelligence. Robot engineer control automation robot arms machine in factory industrial. Monitoring data and machine learning. Robotics and digital manufacturing operation.

A3T Technologies is an innovation driven organization in the Advanced Automotive Electronics domain.

With our strong technology background, in-house facilities for design of electronic hardware, embedded software, 3D modelling, testing lab facilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing unit, we create ideas to successfully implement new designs from inventions in the Advanced Electronics sector. We are also renowned the world over not only for our innovative futuristic automotive products but also for our innovative and inventive capabilities of developing state-of-the-art processes that help you overcome challenges in the Advanced Electronics and Manufacturing domain.

This has earned for us an indelible reputation as a premier Design, Development, Manufacturing and a Technology Company that is the preferred vendor of choice for a host of Tier 1s and OEMs in the Automotive Domain both in the Domestic and Global Arenas.

Design. Development. Manufacturing.

Conquering New Horizons..