August 2019 – The journey begins
November 2019 – We bag our first Design Order from a reputed Indian 4W company
March 2020 – A3T successfully develops Automotive Grade Wireless Charging Solution
April 2020 – A3T signs partnership agreement with a Japanese semiconductor company
August 2020 – A3T ventures into manufacturing
October 2020 – A3T competes with China to bag an order from the US Market
March 2021 – A3T develops a connected Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) for B2C rental services companies
August 2021 – A3T successfully completes over 60 Automotive Electronics Products Design and also deliver 150k units in the first year of manufacturing
October 2021 – A3T starts the Future Labs division in Bengaluru
March 2022 – A3T establishes a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with automated SMT/SMD setup
August 2022 – A3T now is the sought after firm for design of advanced electronics and have bagged multiple manufacturing projects. In fct, there is a distinct possibility that every 5th car would be equipped with an A3T designed product
Our goal is to make India the global hub for excellence in automotive design & manufacturing and committed to this, we have established a global base with customers from USA, Germany, Russia, South America, etc.

Design. Development. Manufacturing.

Conquering New Horizons..